Get Roasted ... Stay Grounded

Get Roasted with us! From a mild Brazilian or Guatemalan to a rich and lively Ethiopian or Kenyan, or even a heavy-bodied and earthy Sumatra...we want you to Stay Grounded with us! We invite you to experience the care and nurturing that goes into Little Green Truck Coffee in the heart of the Midwest!

At Little Green Truck Coffee Co, we roast high quality Arabica single origin coffees. We get excited about roasting and just want to share good coffee with you! 

We are serious about this craft and roast small batches in a roaster that allows for complete human control throughout the whole process. Our roaster pays close attention to the entire roasting process, applying heat and airflow to coax the development for the best flavor. Following a four day degassing process, the beans are ready to be packaged, shipped and loved by you!

We encourage you to try different origins and compare aroma, taste and mouthfeel. You will always get FRESH roast from us, the key element of a superb coffee experience! 

Flavored Coffee

Want to sell delicious Little Green Truck Coffee in your business? Or furnish it for your employees?


You can purchase fresh roast brew or beans at these fine locations.